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This project exists thanks to the support of numerous people.

Financial Contributors

Professor Goldman and the project team would like to thank the following financial contributors for their support.


  • Cindy Chupack
  • Marshall and Patricia Geller
  • Brent Hanfling
  • Kristina M Infante
  • Kenneth F. and Ann Janda
  • Kenneth and Elena Marks
  • Barbara H. Messing
  • Jeffrey A. and Kristin A. Potts


Advisory Committee

Professor Goldman and the project team would like to thank our outstanding Advisory Committee for guidance and critical feedback.

Additional Thanks

The project team received valuable assistance from the following individuals and institutions:
  • Harrison Behl (Library of Congress)
  • Beinecke Library Manuscripts and Archives Staff
  • Ryan Choe (Northwestern/Medill)
  • Wayne Coleman (Birmingham Civil Rights Institute)
  • Joseph Jasperse (University of Pennsylvania)
  • Richard Kluger (author, Simple Justice)
  • Carl Malamud (
  • Mutahara Mobashar (Library of Congress)
  • Ken Myers (National Archives)
  • Scott Norman (NBCUniversal)
  • Aaron Prescott (Library of Congress)
  • Andi Rice (photographer)
  • KUT Radio
  • Brad Snyder (Georgetown Law)
  • Steve Suitts (Emory)
  • Lara Szypszak (Library of Congress)
  • Shania E. Vincent (St. Johns School of Law)
  • Judy A. Slagle (photographer)
  • Dennis Glenn (photographer)
  • Tim Stanley (Justia)
  • Vasu Kappettu (Justia)


Brown v. Board of Education Revisited is dedicated to the brave plaintiffs and their families who sacrificed so much through the Brown litigation for the benefit of all Americans.

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